Dreams Come True of Jacksonville Staff

Sheri K. Criswell (sheri@dreamscometrue.org)
Executive Director

Lynn Betros (lynn@dreamscometrue.org)
Development Director

Kelly Komppa (kelly@dreamscometrue.org)
Director of Operations

Andrea Siracusa (andrea@dreamscometrue.org)
Senior Manager of Programs and Community Relations

Courtney Andrews (courtney@dreamscometrue.org)
Dream Manager

Natalie Lupo (natalie@dreamscometrue.org)
Dream Assistant

Ashley Smith (ashley@dreamscometrue.org)
Dream Assistant

Kate Wirz (kate@dreamscometrue.org)
Development Coordinator


Dreams Come True of Jacksonville
6803 Southpoint Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: (904) 296-3030
Fax: (904) 296-4244

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